Meghan Ball is both the most visible and the most invisible person in school. Her massive size is impossible to ignore, yet people freely spill their secrets in front of her, perhaps because they think she isn't listening. But she is. Now her attention has turned to a new girl: Aimee Zorn, with her stick-figure body and defiant attitude. Meghan is determined to befriend Aimee, and when she ultimately succeeds, the two join forces to take down their shared enemy.

From Kirkus Reviews, starred review:

George extracts adolescent fears and coping mechanisms with surgical precision. Her startling emotional and physical portraits leave readers captivated....Luminous language places teens inside Meghan's and Aimee's struggling minds and bodies.

From Children's Literature:

LOOKS is a rarity in the field of young adult fiction. It offers up two enormously flawed female characters with painful issues but does not tie the story up neatly with healing and redemption....What makes this story stand out is that it is truly about the friendship of the girls, not the unhealthy relationship with food they have in common. When it ends, neither girl is any less damaged, but each is happier in the new friendship that has formed.

From The Horn Book:

George's writing is sharp and insightful ("God must be a friendless fat girl, because only friendless fat girls are as omniscient as God"). Her treatment of eating disorders never devolves into sermonizing or stereotypes, which, in the end, allows both Meghan and Aimee to transcend their looks.

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